Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What Will Happen Next

Well, I am glad that I didn't buy a new truck. They wouldn't give me what I wanted for my 2002 Ram 2500 diesel. They offered me about $4000 less than what I owed. So, I took this as a sign to keep what I had. It is amazing how nice the sales people can be until you say their offer is too low. So they go back and huddle again and raise their offer $200 dollars. They knew how much I owed. It just baffles me how they attempt to make you feel great, while seeing how much you want a new vehicle. I mean, how dumb do I look? Okay, I am a blonde. I will give them that. But at least I know a bad deal when I see one. I leave while I keep telling them I will be back next year.

I went back for the final time to the company doctor. I told him that the orthopedic surgeon gave me the green light to return to work. So now I have both doctors saying I can return to work. But my manager tells me over the phone I will need to take a Fit for Duty test before returning to work. Now I am concerned. He said, don't worry, We'll pay you. So I am still off and tomorrow morning is the test. I am confident I will pass the test, but what will happen next?

The test was a lot easier than I thought. I was told I did better than average on all aspects of the test. But my blood pressure was higher than normal. Stress will do that. Yeah, I'm stressed out over not being back at work! My manager will let me know more tomorrow. Hopefully I will be back to work next week. The doctor even mistook me for a Flight Attendant. He asked how my injury happened and I told him I hit my knee on a seat armrest. He countered with........"What, you had a unruly passenger?" That is when I explained I am a mechanic and we were at the hangar with no passengers on board. Wow, and I was worried?

My parents can stress me out also. I walked into their kitchen the other day and caught Dad writing checks. The bank sent them to his address and not mine. I finally convinced him to give me all the checks. Not only do I need to watch them close, but I need to watch the bank close also. For some reason, the address for the statements keeps changing also. I have never known the officers of my bank. But I know the officers in Dad's bank on a first name basis. Dad and I will be heading to Lowe's Home Center tomorrow. We will be buying him and Mom a new backdoor and frame. I have talked to my neighbor about trading his remodeling skills for my 6520 and my developing tractor skills. He needs land cleared for a pad to build his remodeling warehouse and work shop. Mom and Dad have a hand full of projects that I will gladly trade tractor seat time for a rfixed up house. Otherwise, I would be hammering on their house instead of burning diesel in my Mahindra. I will take the Mahindra over a hammer any day.

I did get the windshield question answered on Rebecca's truck. We will have to bring the truck back here for the new windshield. I called Rebecca and asked when she will be back in town. She says for Thanksgiving. I guess it is just as well to wait a while. She will probably get the new windshield chipped right after the replacement. That's how it works, right? While I was at the Dodge dealer, I picked up a new fuel filter for my truck. I know the filter replacement well enough now that the truck doesn't even miss when I crank it up for a leak check. Not only that, but I don't even spill any diesel. That's the big thing these days. I don't need to be reported to the EPA.

I did find out that my ML275 loader can lift so much weight, it will cause the Ag tires on front of my 6520 to go flat. Now I learn the Industrial tread tire will support all the weight I will ever lift, but the Ag tires are under rated for the weight my Mahindra can lift. But my Ag tires give me more ground clearance. I heard having liquid filled tires would support the weight better. So I bought an air/water adapter to fill the front tires with liquid, but that extra weight just in the front tires will put my trailer over gross weight. So now I guess I need a "new" bigger trailer to go with that Ram 3500 I need. Oh well, a girl can dream! Y'all stop back later to see if I am back to work.

hugs, Brandi

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Change of Routine

Maybe this time next week my routine will be back to normal. I hurt my knee at work and have been off for a few weeks. This is bad in itself, but I work nights and having to go to physical therapy three days a week and the doctor once a week, I have not had the best of sleep. I have been getting up when normally I would be going to bed. Today, I was cleared by the Orthopedic surgeon to go back to work. So now I wait to get released for work by the company doctor. Which will be good, as I have been restricted from climbing ladders or kneeing. So the barn siding has been on hold, along with getting the center section ready for concrete pouring. All I have been doing is pampering my 6520.

Since it quit raining everyday a few weeks ago, I was able to clear more stumps and create a crude drainage ditch system to help my low area drain. Some day soon, I will start on the pond. I just need a good dry spell to help. We didn't have it this summer. I can hardly wait to start digging. I need to contact my county extension agent to pick his brain on any legal items I have missed. I don't have any plans or drawings on the pond, as it is all in my head. In Texas you can either have a stock tank or you can have a pond. Both are the same thing, but the use of the water tells what it is. A stock tank is mainly used for watering cows. But I learned how to fish with a cane pole in my Uncle's stock tanks. A pond doesn't have cows muddying it up and is usually for fishing or just looks. I will have it fenced off and an overflow pipe filling a water trough for the horses. I will have ducks too, so I will call my pond a Duck Pond. Dad raised Mallard ducks when I was little and I always thought they were the coolest thing on two feet.

Well, I hate to say it, but the new truck bug bit me while helping my daughter find her graduation present. I have been at the Dodge dealer on and off all week. I got to drive a Ram 3500 Quad cab long bed with the 6.7 liter Cummins diesel and the six speed automatic transmission for three days this week. I love the truck and want one. But I have been reading online forums about all the new exhaust emissions the truck has and how often these trucks are returning to the dealership with problematic "bugs". So I hesitate about buying one as I do not want to have a new truck with dealer "weaning" problems. Maybe next year! So I hope the aftermarket folks can get up to speed on modifications for increasing the MPG. I got 16.1 miles per gallon on the overhead meter while driving with a city/highway mix of 30 to 70.

I am still looking for a dependable maid for my aging parents. I am thinking of just once a week, after the house gets a good cleaning. Today I met with the home health care nurse. Home Health Care will be coming out once a week to take Mom and Dad's blood pressure and Dad's blood sugar levels. They will also come out 2-3 times a week to help Mom with her personal hygiene needs. Mom and Dad are so close to needing a nursing home. But as long as Dad can drive his car, I want them to be in their own home. Dad is 86. His Dad lived on the farm alone and drove 1 mile to town until he was 92. So it might be awhile longer that Dad can drive. I have checked into assisted living, but Mom & Dad (we) cannot afford those costs. It tugs my heart to see them going down slowly like this. Myself, I plan on staying busy and having therapy on my 6520! Stop in later to see what is keeping me busy.

Oh yeah...after having Rebecca's truck for a week, I took it to the dealer for the windshield chip repair. Well, I was informed the chip has been repaired once and could not be repaired again. Then they said they will be replacing the windshield. Thank you Lord. I told Rebecca this when I took her truck back to her as I needed my truck with it's gooseneck hitch over the weekend. I also told her she had to bring it home for the windshield replacement, as I will be back at work and won't have the time. Her response................."Can the dealer here in Austin change it?" That question hasn't been answered by my dealer, as the used car sales manager is on vacation! I hope your vacation goes well.

hugs, Brandi