Monday, April 20, 2009

Plumbing and Water Levels

We got a lot of rain the middle of April. We got 5 inches. The pond raised over 2 feet. We are still shy about 20 inches from the overflow pipe. We had so much rain, the wet weather spring under the back deck steps started flowing good. This spring runs into the driveway. Right now it misses the pond. But Saturday I tried to shove a water hose up into the spring and I put the other end near the pond. Nothing happened. Then we got the bright idea to go buy some 4 inch drain pipe, dig a trench, and bury it. I put a PVC shower drain in the inlet and secured it with screws. Then I put broke up concrete around it and covered it with some old shingles, then dirt. By this time the spring fizzled out. I had concerns while hoeing the ditch out when I hit gravel. I thought my washing machine grey water line was deeper. I meant to cover it all with clay, but I forgot and pushed the top soil back in the ditch. This ran under where Luke parks his car, so I ran over it to pack it down some and spread it all out there. I thought all was fine and washed some clothes that night. The next morning I saw some standing water where the night before no water was. It was right over the grey water line. It was a little sand covered volcano. Yep, it was grey water. I got a sick feeling in my stomach as I thought about soapy water going into the pond. That is when I got the Big RED Beast out and dug the wet weather spring drain line up and filled it all in with clay. All that time and money gone down the drain instead!

I also have some sewer drain problems. I was all set to work on the line and even dug up the line between the house and the septic tank with the 6520's backhoe. Then I realized the tank just needed pumping out! Then I realized the phone and my computer's ISP connection was dead. Then I realized my phone line didn't run around the septic tank, but over the septic line I just dug up. Again, my stomach felt sick.

The phone line cost $147 to repair. Then I found out my neighbor had environmental splices and could have done it for free. Oh well. I finally got feed up with all my rain water just running past the pond. I took the time one morning after work to make a diversion levee with my 6520. I made it by dumping a bucket load of clay every 7 feet. Then I packed it down. This runs about 100 feet from up in the woods down to the pond on an angle. It catches that wet weather spring and most of the rain run off behind the house. Now I need to spread topsoil on it and it will be part of the yard. Right now it looks rough and red. It also runs under my truck's parking space. So when I park the right rear tire is up higher than the rest.The pond is now full, but I want to close off the end of the overflow pipe and cut out the top to raise the water level about 12 inches. I uploaded some nice photos of the pond filling up from our April showers. You can view them here. Stop back later to see what is different with the pond.
hugs, Brandi

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